bobsled.jpgProgrammer Services

We are vested partners in the success of our clients’ distribution from beginning to end, providing the following services:

  • Contribution and Backhaul- through an advanced DTM network with reliable and secure fiber, we aggregate and transport client services .
  • Technical —Based on operator and/or market requirements, we provide encoding/transcoding services to multiple formats/platforms across the 3 screens
  •  Transport—we utilize a network directly connected and/or cross connected to all major US multi channel video distributors, ensuring secure, seamless transport and delivery to key operators
  • Technical Support-   A 24/7 Technical Operations Centers offers full service monitoring and technical support
  • Marketing—by utilizing a comprehensive market/demographic database and extensive relationships with operators, we effectively target communities, regions, systems and platforms, achieving successful distribution
  • Affiliate Management—We handle all legal, contractual, accounting, reporting and compliance matters between operators/platforms and programmers
  • OTT Platform-working in both technical and marketing roles, we dedicate a 360 degree view to any client project.  Given the realities of capacity at major operators and the changes in consumer viewing and buying habits, ContentPort has developed a complete, turnkey, end to end OTT distribution platform for it's clients aimed at balancing their existing distribution businesses with new platform opportunities and returns.  Our robust, comprehensive OTT platform (including encoding, CMS, transcoding, U/X front end, Application design and functionality and back office support and management with monitoring and service level support) allows our clients to extend their reach globally in new, and exciting engaging ways to next generation consumers and devices.  For an example of one of our OTT platforms and for additional information, please visit www.cport.tv