ContentPort is a leading aggregator, integrator and distributor of premium international television and video content, representing many of the world’s leading brands.


pic-01.jpgContentPort is unique in its obsessive focus on content profitability, offering a variety of end to end and commercially flexible solutions.  Through application of it's ‘Yield Management’  principle, ContentPort  represents and manages leading programmer brands with specific opportunities, furnishing all necessary technical, commercial and operational service and support.


ContentPort’s services include content licensing, aggregation, backhaul, technical modification, distribution, marketing, and affiliate management.  ContentPort ensures focused service at the lowest possible expense, removing the significant upfront costs and obstacles often associated with gaining program distribution. In so doing, ContentPort achieves a fast and robust ROI for our clients and acts as a true partner in the ultimate success of the services it distributes.

Yield Management

We believe our methodology sets us apart.  Through ‘Yield Management’, ContentPort places the ‘right’ content on the ‘right’ system in the appropriate format, enabling network capacity to be optimized and revenue maximized.  The principle starts with ContentPort’s demographic and database research, delivering compelling proof to operators of where capacity should be dedicated and to what specific use.  From there, we deliver services in desired and adaptable formats, meeting both present and future operator needs.

Finally, in managing the affiliate relationships we not only negotiate distribution agreements but also provide all supporting legal, reporting and compliance services, ensuring that all contractual commitments are met. In this way, a completely tailor made, professional end to end service is delivered.